Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Puppy love

Over the past months so much love has been given to our family. Although you can read about some of it here on Team Danica there is really no way for me to tell every single story. It's easy to think sometimes that what we can do for someone hurting is too little, but I am telling you there is no prayer, no card, no email, no meal, no gift too small to be used by God. I believe we would not have made it through the last months without the drops of love from each of you that have become the tide that has carried us here today.

A special family in our church and school has lifted up our Delaney especially during this time. Delaney is the beautiful smiling girl who will always tell you she is okay. She is a bubble of life. Secretly, she still worries it was her fault Danica got Chiari and she has all the normal feelings an eight year old would have about her baby sister hurting but also about the many sacrifices we have asked her to make.

Delaney loves horses and began riding lessons after her 7th birthday. We simply could not afford to keep them up or continue to drive her every Saturday. She loves the beach more than any girl I have ever met. She still dreams of being a marine biologist. We were not able to go last summer and do not plan to be able to go this year. This is a very real loss for her. More than anything this sweet girl loves dogs. If you have ever seen her with one you know she is literally the "dog whisperer." We have been saying since the spring of 2009, when Danica was first crooked, that as soon as Danica gets better and doesn't fall so much and we don't have so many appointments . . . she could get a dog.

Here is the letter her friend Zoe wrote to her along with the special gift she gave her yesterday:

"Dear Delaney,
I was chosen my Mr. Knori to receive $20.00 for the Loaves and Fishes award for 2010. I know Danica is the one who is hurting, but I think it makes you sad too. I know you love dogs, so I think this money would be good to help buy a dog for you and Danica, because it can make you both happy. I love you Delaney. I hope Danica gets better soon. I am praying for you.
Love, Zoe"

Truly, one of the most beautiful examples of love I have ever seen. We are in a special place surrounded by so many special people who have loved us so well.

As I write this tonight Dan and I's hearts are very heavy after speaking with Dr. Crawford's nurse today. She warned us not to get our hopes up in any way about Tuesday's scan. The likelihood of Danica having many more weeks in the brace is quite high. She said it's like a beautiful new driveway that's been poured. It looks great but you can't drive on it yet. I know it's good for us to get our heads around this somehow before Tuesday, but we are so tired. Our family is so spent in every way. Please pray for us as we head to Cincinnati on Monday for our two appointments Tuesday. Please pray for safety and strength and grace. These trips never get easier. And please pray for our Laney girl who will be left here. Our Hope remains.

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  1. You're right. I want to share this. :) love u guys!!