Thursday, July 24, 2014

Go fund me update and prayer request

It was a year ago I was facing three surgeries back to back to back, abdominal at Cleveland Clinic and my hardware removal in Maryland followed by my first shunt in Maryland. I love seeing the trail of love here that carried our family through financially. Since those surgeries I have had a shunt revision and several hospitalizations including 12 days in April and May in Maryland for my plasmapheresis and locally for my Meningitis. I also had IVIG here at home, perhaps the most expensive treatment to date in my journey. The update is simple. I am the most well for the longest period of time since before my pregnancy with Danica. It's nothing short of miraculous. PRAISE. I still have pain days and pressure and all that goes along with the hacked up body and EDS, but I am healed in a way I could only hope and pray for. Without your love I know I would not be here. I am at a crossroads. Our family is at a crossroads. Will you pray for us? We feel the greatest hope and also the greatest pressure ever because of our medical bills. Many have counseled towards bankruptcy. This often puts the very doctors who have helped me in a position to not be able to treat me again if I would regress. The number one stress in my healing is now the enormous pressure I feel to resolve some of our debt. We need wisdom. As we wait and trust we also celebrate every moment of the simple life together we thought might never be possible again. Your love and generosity are giving us these golden days. Thank you. Our Hope remains!