Monday, November 22, 2010

I gave this day to God

I was unpacking a few Christmas decorations to make our home cheerier for our homecoming yesterday, and I found my Advent books in one of the Rubbermaid totes. I have been grabbing Luci Shaw's Accompanied by Angels, Poems of the Incarnation all day and reading through her beautiful words. The poem with the above title struck a specific cord in my heart.

I gave this day to God when I got up, and look,
look what it birthed! There up the hill was

the apple tree, bronze leaves, its fallen apples
spilling richly down the slope, the way God spilled

his seed into Mary, into us. In her the holy promise
came to rest in generous soil after a long

fall. How often it ends in gravel, or dry dust.
Blackberry patches thorny with distraction. Oh,

I pray my soul will welcome always that small
seed. That I will hail it when it enters me.

I don't mind being grit, soil, dirt, mud-brown,
laced with the rot of old leaves, if only the seed

can find me, find a home and bear a fruit
sweet, flushed, full-fleshed—a glory apple.

We were all so very happy to wake up in our own home today. Danica slept in her own bed all night, and Dan and I slept in our bed together. Delaney was thrilled to be cuddled back with all her stuffed animals in her own beautiful room. After an early morning Dan and Delaney were off to work and school, and while Danica began her morning in her wheelchair playing I sat in my chair sipping coffee and seeking food and drink for my parched soul. I dumped the compost of literally months of pain and exhaustion. They mixed in with truth and peace and rest found in His word. I could feel my heart's readiness for something new to grow.

I'm posting a few pictures of our humble home. Some of them are just things, but when they are touched by LIFE they become much more than that. We are so very grateful and full of expectation as we enter this season of watching and waiting for our Savior.
Danica in her bedroom
Danica's little tree
Delaney in her usual place, at the table creating something
Delaney's sunny room
Our first meal at home, chicken enchiladas, mexican rice and corn cake
Our gratitude board in the dining room
My little corner of the world, where I read, write, pray and sip
My other favorite corner, Willow Trees that represent milestones in our twelve years together and my new white cable knit blanket from my dear friend, Angie
Dan and I's bed, notice his gorgeous watercolor pencil drawing of Venice over our bed. Love it!
Playing "Ants in Your Pants" last night

WORDS, I have them all over our home. Keep your eyes open. Grab the glittering moments and give your days to God. He is growing something!

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  1. This makes me so happy for you! I love your home...your HOME. I wonder what amazing fruit will come from your "compost pile." Out of death, life. You've already birthed hope in me, as I wait and wait for hidden things in my own life to come to the Light.