Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three weeks

My little Danica is sleeping in the bed beside me, and I am huddled on the floor in the dark to get this quick post out to all of you who have so faithfully prayed for us. Tonight marks three weeks since Danica's surgery. We saw the doctors in Cincinnati this morning, and there was a palpable excitement in the room as we all looked at her new xrays. There is the tiniest bit of change in how the bone graft looks when you compare her last scan and this one. Dr. Crawford explained each scan will show this part of the image getting more and more solid and that is how we know God is doing the healing work of bone fusion. He also explained in more detail the instrumentation he used and how it will grow with Danica so there will hopefully be no stunting of the growth of her neck. This is so encouraging.

The neurosurgeon doctors came and took down the back part of her brace to check the incision. It is beautiful. I know that sounds strange to say, but unfortunately I have seen many of these through photos and of course Danica's incision from her first surgery, and this one is healing perfectly. The guy from the brace shop came in with his intimidating tools and adjusted Danica's brace which seemed to instantly make her more comfortable. Then we were done. Just like that. We go back in three weeks for our next visits with both doctors and another xray as well as an optho doctor since we have noticed some vision things since Danica's surgery. Dr. Crawford said we must stay the course. Infection and a fall of any kind are our two enemies, so the brace must stay on and the wheelchair will remain.

I have never had three weeks of my life feel like three months before. The days seem to drag on and on. Our fatigue is at the point both Dan and I seem almost zombie like. Nothing about our lives is normal or routine. Somewhere in the midst of all this an excitement came over me today. God is doing exceeding abundant above all we could ask or think in so many aspects of Danica's healing. These hard days and nights are wrapped up in the love of so many of you and tied with the ribbon of God's grace. There was a huge shift in my heart as I stared at the ceiling in the hotel all night last night literally wrestling with God in prayer. I am expecting amazing things for our girl and our family these next hard weeks and months. Soli Deo gloria. Our hope remains!

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