Monday, October 4, 2010

This is not how it should be . . .

This is not how it could be. But this is how it is. And our God is in control.

It's dark in our hotel room/  This morning's appointments at the hospital went well. Thank you for praying for us. The reality of tomorrow morning and handing Danica over to this team of people who could never know her or love her like I do sends me reeling. If I try to think about the hundreds of details that go into this surgery; the anesthesia, the brain being cut open, the brain being coagulated, the patch, the stent, the drain, and then after all that the bone cutting and grafting.the titanium and the brace . . . When I try to find something . . . anything to hold on to there is only one sure thing. I believe with all my heart and soul our God is in control of every single moment. I will go crawl into bed now and hold her while I plead with God for the miracle we hope for and the grace to accept anything less.


  1. As I searched the internet today to find other parents whose child has gone through Chiari surgery I noticed your blog. I have been sitting here now for over an hour trying to read through most of the blogs. The chills that have run down my arms aren't stopping. Our son just turned 5yr and over the summer we found out that he has Chiari Malformation Type 1. It seemed within 4 weeks we were searching for the right doctor, when we came across Dr. Crone. Just as you said, it was a gut "mommy" feeling. We are scheduled for Nov. 16th and I am terrified!!! As you have and are doing though is searching for the best and right answers for your child. I thank you for sharing your blog publicly! Not just for the knowledge of all you have endured, but also for the other child in your life.

    It seems we have just a few things in common. Our oldest daughter is Delaney Jean and she too struggles with her brother's diagnosis(s). My husband and I will also be married 10 years this next spring. So while I asked for signs as to what to do (go through with decompression or just wait) and with whom to go to, your blog seems like a little nudge from above!

    We will be praying for your family!! As I will also keep watch of your blogs and hope to be guided!

  2. Praying for you, Monica!!! (and the rest of the family, of course)

  3. Praying,sweet Snyders for God to give you strength and rest, resilience and grace, for the ability to breathe! Love from our family to yours. The Sullivans

  4. The LORD is faithful, my wife and I will be in prayer for you.