Friday, October 22, 2010

Stones of Remembrance

"Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen, and called its name Ebenezer, saying, "Thus far the Lord has helped us." I Samuel 7:12

Last night I had my first "therapy" session since Danica's surgery with a wonderfully wise woman I have been seeing for many months now. One of the advantages of our time together is she can catch up on my heart on the blog before I come. First she let me talk about what we have been through and then she came in with the loving counsel. She gently told me, "You need to stop visiting the theater of "what-ifs." She reminded me the enemy most likes to see me there wasting time and energy watching so many things out of my control. Instead I should be gathering the stones of remembrance which admit one to the most beautiful story ever told.

Today I want to share just a few of the literally hundreds of stones that build our altar of gratitude and grace in this journey. I had written a post on my old blog a post titled "Ebenezer" in December of 2008 about this practice. A comment on my last post from dear Julie and my session last night convicted me to revisit this "ritual"

One of the most amazing parts of our story is the people from all over the United States and the world who have loved Danica and our family, prayed for us, encouraged us and supported us financially. A family from California has faithfully sent us financial support every month since they learned of Danica's need. We do not know them. I don't know if they sat down and made a conscious decision to not go out to eat twice a month or give up something they were wanting or even needing to sacrifice for us. Their faithful, consistent expression of love is life altering. A young lady from Australia not only made a large donation to us initially but recently wrote me an email commiting a monthly donation to help us through the next months. Again, I have never met her. She has joined our family in spirit and is choosing to give rather than shore up her own 401K or buy a new pair of designer boots or take a trip. There is a lady in my book club who has sent me a card and some expression of love EVERY single week. This faithfulness amazes me. There is a gentleman who knows of Danica and our family through Delaney's school who approached my mom with a gift the day before her surgery. He called her again yesterday to check on Danica and all of us. My company collected donations to help us. Dan's company had a Danica jeans day and collected donations and allowed employees to donated vacation, sick and personal time to Dan to use during Danica's recovery. The Foundation for Community Betterment event the last week in September was amazing. (Post still to come on this life-changing event with pictures and donation update.) A constant flow of love carries us day by day as we focus on Danica's recovery and just getting through the day.

In the book of Acts there is a section about the early church I have read over and over lately, "And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common, and they begun selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need." I don't think I ever really knew what these verses could look like in today's culture until now. Suze Orman tells us financial security and the "american dream" include owning homes, cars, taking vacations and having an adequate savings account and retirement. All these things in and of themselves are a blessing and reward of hard work and wise planning. Dan and I have had all these things at one time and perhaps even made them our idols. God has taken much away, and His new plan for provision and health care has included the support in big and small ways from all of you. One of my fears and "what-ifs" at the beginning of the journey was the love and support would fall away, and we would be left here in what seems like the hardest part, the long recovery, alone. Instead the constant faithful love continues to surprise and heal us in raw places. We are not alone. We are going to make it through this. We are part of a body.

Thank you. Two words cannot express our gratitude enough. Instead we will continue to place stones of remembrance on our altar. Thus far the Lord has helped us.

(Danica sleeping in the sun in her wheelchair. Bravest girl I know.)


  1. It's things like this that remind me how much good there is in the world. I hope the good never stops.

    Praying for you all, and thinking of you often. I hope it gets easier, really soon.

  2. You are blessed that there are so many loving, giving, generous people surrouding you. I continue to pray.