Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jesus, bring the rain

Yesterday we made a quick stop in the super cool gift shop here at the hospital. As you can imagine we probably would have bought Danica most anything she wanted. She honed in on a pink ruffly umbrella. She was so proud of it and carried it around the rest of the day. She kept asking us to get under it with her. It made me think of the storm we were heading into and all we have to get through.

They took her back about an hour ago. They let her take her umbrella with her, and she bravely walked back to the huge OR holding the nurses hand. When she was out of sight Dan and I crumbled. Thank you for praying every moment of this long day for our sweet girl and our family. The rain is getting hard and heavy.


  1. I just received word of Danica's surgery today. My family and I will be praying for her as well as for your entire family. Almost 3 years ago, we went through similar circumstances with our then 7 year old daughter, Katharine. She received the decompression surgery also. We understand the fears you face as she goes in for a second surgery. But as you already know, God does too, and He is with you and with Danica.
    Because of Jesus,
    Keith, Amy, Jacob, Katharine,
    Laura & John Mark Ivey

  2. we are praying for all of you continually!!! rachel mizener

  3. At this moment, as Danica goes into surgery, we ask the Lord to guide the surgeon’s hands, to speak complete peace to the parents at this time and alleviate their fear and trembling, to be one with Danica’s spirit to make her not to be afraid of what’s happening. Lord, we ask your complete healing for this child of yours and on her behalf we come to you with the complete faith of a child. In Jesus’ name, we pray…Amen. prayer by Chris (f), friend of Vic, friend of Ginny Thomas, mom of John T.

  4. Here at our home we are praying for Danica. God is Good.
    ((HUGS)) from Mark, Tamila, James, Ryan, Mariah, Joshua, Ethan, Isabelle, & Alex.