Saturday, September 8, 2012

How the worst can be the best

I can't show it all to you, but this is a glimpse of what my slashed and bruised body looks like tonight.  I've been cut many times and in so many places in my thirty-six years.  My excision of abdominal mass on Tuesday morning was the worst yet.  The pain has been frightening.  The swelling like nothing I have ever seen.  I have never so consistently taken pain medication and stayed this still after a surgery.

Strangely, I have not been lonely.  I have not felt frantic.  I have barely wept.  I have had a beautifully orchestrated parade of care packages and cards delivered that have ministered in the exact quiet way I've needed to encourage my heart.  I have much to share with you all when my strength returns, but tonight I need to say, "Thank you."  Your prayers are effectual.  Your love is making such a difference here.  It is the best recovery yet. 

Our hope remains.

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