Monday, September 10, 2012

Everyone Poops . . .

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We take nothing for granted here.  There are day in and day out things you might never think of hoping for or praying about or celebrating that we have been holding our breath so long for, just waiting to see any movement towards our goal.  Since Danica's second brain decompression and fusion in October, 2010, she has had bladder and bowel issues.  On our most recent trip to Cincinnati Danica saw a special urologist and was also referred to a colorectal doctor.  We were told some of her issues were physiological and some were most likely due to neurological damage as well as the period of development she was in during the trauma.  We had overcome the urological issues with some help from the appointment, but the poop was just not happening.  Oh how this mama's heart prayed.  In the perfect storm of my newest pain and surgery and Danica heading back to school last week for full days I made my pleas for God to help us with this milestone top priority.  He answered.  Danica has pooped in the potty eight days in a row.  This is huge!

The bad news is I have not pooped for eight days.  I am in so much pain, and we are back to depending on God for even the most basic functions of life.  I am barely able to move around.  I cannot explain how hard this recovery has been.  Today I became very disheartened.  Our planned trip to Cincinnati this coming Friday and Saturday seems ridiculous.  There is no way I can do this.  I cannot keep doing this.  My body and spirit have hit a brick wall.  My Laney's birthday is Wednesday.  I need to go out.  I need to get a snack for her class and a birthday card and a few surprises.  I need to go to book club tomorrow night.  Would you believe I haven't been since January of this year?  I need to talk to friends about anything except this one note song.  I need to find some excitement about the house and moving and decorating.  I need to be able to walk just a block in the cool fall air and breathe.  But first, I need to poop.  Everyone poops eventually . . . right?

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