Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Strength for Today... A Post By Her Friend, Angie

Monica had supper delivered to her, and if one can be jealous of hospital food, I might have been a bit jealous of her chicken and rice. She chewed bravely even though it was so much work.

As I sat there and watched her, I couldn't help but think of one of her favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do the thing you think you cannot do." She is so courageous, doing what she must even though it is hard and painful.

I have sat by her bedside for several hours now and watched her drift in and out of sleep, listened to monitors beep while the IV nonsense drives her crazy, and chatted a bit with her during her more alert moments. Always she tells of God's great faithfulness to her and her family. She tells of how Dr. Henderson has cared for her and quotes to me his prayer before surgery. She rejoices in her "floaties" in her vision disappearing. She whispers of Dan's care for her and of speaking with her girls earlier.

At one point, she laughed. "Did you ever imagine how many surgeries we'd have between the two of us?" It's almost comical. Then we talk of how we really must be kindred souls. But it is more than that. I'm convinced God knew we needed each other to fully understand all the weight each other bears.

She bears her trials well, and I marvel at her resilience. I am so blessed to sit by her side and learn from her even here where the walls seems to close in on you and the light is so harsh and fluorescent.

The stronger meds from surgery have worn off, and she is in a lot of pain today. She struggles to find a comfortable position, but she barely mentions it, only asks for help to sit up or gritting her teeth as she pushes the button to pump more medicine in.

Dan is staying at the hotel tonight to get some much needed rest. It makes me think of Jacob in the Bible, how he worked seven years for Rachel and yet it seemed a short time because his love was so great. They have such a long week ahead of them, and he will bear much of the weight of care. Only his love for her is so deep, I know it is a weight he is willing to bear for her.

She made some progress on her supper and received a visit from another patient here who has encouraged her that it does get better. The nurse came in and got Monica up, and her pain has gotten more intense,  so they've given her some valium, and she is resting comfortably now. I've read some Facebook messages and texts to her, and she is overwhelmed by all of your love and prayers and support.

We are curling up for the night, and it is quiet, or as quiet as a hospital can be with machines whirring and intercoms buzzing and loudspeakers blaring in the hallway. I am so very thankful to be here, to pray over her and ask God for strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. And I am so very thankful to hear her speak of all of you... your prayers and support and encouragement are bolstering her spirit. 

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