Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maryland, My Maryland...A Dan Post

Monica and I are comforted both in the doctor she has carefully selected and the fact that the surgery is in Maryland. Though the faces in this small hospital are unfamiliar, the surrounding environment is where I spent a few years attending the University of Maryland here at College Park and subsequent employment in the region. We met in nearby Sterling, VA, residing in the area and also rented a home in Gaithersburg, MD, where Danica was born. Though we prefer the more relaxed pace of Northeast Ohio, we still are connected to this area. I think it aids in recovery if one feels comfortable in their surroundings.

Monica is doing well post-op. This morning Dr. Henderson commented the surgery went perfect and seemed very pleased with her progress. She just finished breakfast and could still handle an Asiago bagel from Panera. With the C1/C2 fusion and decompression, the extreme pressure in her head and black "floaties" in her vision disappeared completely. The pain from harvesting a rib is very significant but she is thankful that this new pain is in a new place. Similar to Danica, she is wearing a Vista neck collar which covers the small incision in the back of her neck. She has a small but private room here in Lanham and the recovery wing seems to be mostly empty during this Thanksgiving holiday. Our short term goals are to get all these wires and tubes removed and get back to our hotel by Thursday.

There are key events in your life that help define who you are. Monica surviving multiple surgeries while still always thinking of her friends and family speaks volumes for her loving character. Finding myself alone at times in the waiting room last night made me realize how important our relationship is. Amy(sister in-law) and I were not getting any updates during the surgery and my mind began to wonder a little while reading the Steve Jobs biography. I realized that my wife and I are partners in this world and we are there for each other in good times and in bad times. Specifically, she needed me and depended on me to be there and if I ever questioned my role in life or where I was supposed to be, nothing cemented the fact that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was a good feeling.

Maryland seems to be the place where we happen to find ourselves during the most strenous times of our lives. I vividly recall sitting bedside next to my mom in a Southern Maryland hospital watching her one lung barely move due to cancer. This morning while Monica slept I sat bedside watching her lungs move up and down at long intervals due to her deep medically induced slumber. In Rockville we endured several months of unbearable pain during Monica's pregnancy with Danica. We do not think it mere coincidence these events transpired in our "hometown" of Maryland. We believe this is part of a plan to help us cope with our reality. Monica still has two rough days ahead of her as the pain begins to reveal itself but we are comforted in our surroundings and in our hearts. Our past experiences prepared us for this time of suffering. Monica's extremely loving and caring friends will carry us on their shoulders. "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us."

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  1. Thank you for sharing! It is a beautiful relief to be blessed with a partner who cares for you I am sure monica is feeling much relief knowing you are by her side. So thankful she can be in a place that brings you both comfort. Much love to you all as you get through the next few days!