Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be the change

I've never met such amazing teenagers or human beings for that matter before in my life. This little group of high school students who are busy with school work and a special medical technology program and drama and sports and church and jobs and college visits and senior events still found the time and energy to ask what they could do to help someone around them. They contacted Wishes Can Happen and adopted Danica and our family to help raise money for Danica's Disney wish trip. They planned and executed a beautiful spaghetti dinner and also took the time to make a very special gift basket for Danica and bag for Delaney with their own money. They collected baskets for a raffle and created the most special poster for the event. They also invited us to see a local production of Beauty and the Beast at Canton South High School and arranged for Danica to meet Belle and the cast before the musical.

I keep thinking of the quote from Gandhi, "BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD."

Robert, Courtney, Jenna and Jessica
, You are a beautiful example of love. We are so proud to know you. A week from today our family will be in Florida experiencing pure magic because of your kindness. You will forever be part of Danica's miracle. Thank you.

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