Friday, September 9, 2011

An hour in the saddle

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in a saddle." Winston Churchill

A week ago Delaney began riding lessons again. A dear friend of a friend had read our blog and noticed one of the posts about Delaney's sacrifices over the past few years. She contacted my friend and offered to give Laney horse riding lessons. With the start of school and getting back into a routine and Delaney's birthday coming up Monday we surprised her with this kind "gift" from a stranger. On a sticky hot Thursday evening my mom, Delaney and I headed out to Clinton.

To see Delaney's eyes light up as we entered the barn made my heart swell. There are things you just know your child is meant to do. Not being able to continue lessons was definitely one of the most painful things for Laney to give up. Sweet Kristina is the perfect teacher for my girl. She introduced us to Buddy, a beautiful five year old Rocky Mountain horse. One look into his eyes, and both Laney and I fell in love.

Delaney remembered many of the things about grooming the horse and also riding. When she finally got in the saddle I cried. After her lesson in the barn Kristina took her up the lane towards the setting sun. My heart ached with gratitude for this possibility. Thank you God, for my Delaney Jayne and the passions and talents you have given her. Thank you for life changing generosity with perfect timing that blesses our hearts and gives us new reasons to keep hoping and believing.

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