Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unexpected grace

Over a month ago a lady who had read one of the articles about Danica in The Canton Repository called me to see if it would be okay if she put up a little information about Danica at the credit union she works at. She put out some prayer cards and a jar and talked to her members about our girl and our family. Last Thursday Danica and I went out to meet the wonderful ladies who work at the Sugardale Credit Union in a small trailer on the outskirts of the factories. Most of their members live paycheck to paycheck and are stretched to the limit. The generosity and love they showed us is another beautiful example of how drop after drop of love becomes an ocean. They raised $350.26. They presented Danica with a beautiful doll and blanket from a Christian biker group. Danica was very moved by meeting these women. She hugged each of them when we left and has been playing with her dolly every day since. There are no small acts of love in our story. Thank you!

"Unexpected grace always settles in the palm of the heaven-turned hands." Ann Voskamp

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  1. Very cool! Hang in there! There are so many good people out there. We will get through this storm. Medical bills will always be there! This we know. But I am beginning to learn to not stress over them. Things have a way of working out! Love and prayers!