Friday, July 9, 2010

Loaves and Fishes

"We have here but five loaves, and two fishes." Matthew 14:17

I'm sitting here in a completely quiet house. If you saw my body and soul yesterday afternoon it would have looked like the little battery indicator on your laptop when you get that warning it's going to shut down if you don't plug it in. My mom and dad, who are leaving on a missions trip to Mexico tomorrow, took the girls last night, and I rested. It was as if you could literally see and feel my battery charging. I didn't wake through the night and when Dan left for work this morning I stayed in bed and fell back asleep. It was very hard for me to leave Danica because she had been so sick. I was reminded in several ways yesterday God would care for her, and He was providing a specific way for me to be still. Remarkably I did not have any new orders for my job which is almost unheard of. It was a specific mandate for me to stop and rest. I am so grateful for this time and especially to my parents for caring for the girls so well.

As I have had some rare time to sit and meditate this morning I keep going back to God's goodness and provision for our family through people. My dear nephew Avery, who is 8 years old, called me yesterday to tell me he had put the $4 he had been saving in the mail for Danica. My sister said as she was reading the blog update to him he spontaneously ran upstairs to get this money and bring it down to her. Yesterday evening my friend Kim, who is helping to plan the upcoming benefit for Danica, (It is at the Belden Vilage Chic-fil-a on Monday, July 19th, from 5-8 pm) came by to drop the prayer cards that were reprinted for this event. These cards were completely donated by a local printing company, USA QuickPrint. In the box of cards was a $20 bill from a stranger who Kim ran into while picking up the cards and chatting about Danica's story with the owners of the print shop. He took one of Danica's cards and gave Kim the money for Team Danica. Today Grabowski and Company is working on the design for the signage for Danica's benefit. Again, donating their time and resources. We received a donation this week from a family in California who has faithfully prayed for us and sacrificed to make multiple donations to Danica over the last months. One of the most remarkable stories is a company who heard about Danica through RMLC and my sister's Cookies for a Cause, National Fundraising Lists. They are planning a "Team Danica" day on Monday, July 12th. Employees are donating to be allowed to dress down and show their support for Danica. These are just a few examples of how God takes just a few loaves and fishes and turns them into enough. We are humbled and so encouraged by the love. I paid a bill to Cincinnati Children's this week, and it felt like a hundred hands carried that burden off our shoulders. It was God's hands through each of you, by praying and giving. Thank you.

I am heading out to get Delaney and Danica. They have been building a large house out of cardboard boxes with my mom. Apparently it is decorated too. Danica is feeling better, and we are looking forward to a peaceful weekend. Our hope remains!


  1. Amazing! So glad to hear of your "recharged battery". What a good update. Still praying. :)

  2. I wish we were closer to be with you guys for the events. Fundraisers are my thing. I put together a fundraiser that raised over 20,000 for a family of a murdered little girl here locally! I think it is a calling for me and I have helped out with over 6 more since then. I LOVE helping people any way I can! I love that we have come together and become part of your chiari family!! Theres nothing better than having someone to talk to when no one else here understands what you are going through! I have asked everyone I know to pray for Danica I hate to see our little ones when they are in pain it just breaks my heart! Brayden had his first headache today since being off the steroids. It was not that bad and im not totally convinced it wasnt from the fever! But we shall see. Hope you guys had a good day! xoxoxoxo