Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love and lemonade

Sometimes I will get a prayer request or hear of someone in need and think of a great idea of how I could help. Then I start to feel what I want to do is not big enough and won't really make a difference. Besides, someone else closer to the situation will step in anyways, right?

This past week we were incredibly blessed by three little girls and a cookie and lemonade stand they ran for Danica at their family yard sale. There was a wonderful article in the Canton Repository yesterday titled, "Making Lamonade", and I was so hoping it would post on the online version, but I haven't seen it yet to make a link. I will just share it here in it's entirety.

"YOUNG GIRLS' STAND RAISES FUNDS, TEACHES LESSONS. When life hands you lemons, the saying goes, you make lemonade. Three young friends of Danica Snyder, a 2-year old girl in need of spine and brain surgery, did just that over the weekend. To help defray the girl's medical expenses, they operated a lemonade and cookie stand for three days during a garage sale held by one of their parents. "LaRissa Weimer, Darby Smith, and I had known about the Snyder family and their financial need during this time since they attend Faith Bible Church with us, where Danica's grandfather, Greg Roberts, is also a pastor," said Melissa Weimer, one of the mothers of the youngsters. "Our daughters, Brooke Weimer (age 3), Amelia Smith (age 5), and Marah Weimer (age 7), know Danica and her sister, Delaney, from Sunday School." The mothers suggested having a lemonade stand at Larissa Weimer's garage sale. They believed raising the money for something would help teach their children about showing the love of Christ by helping others. "We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to teach them about giving, in a way that might seem more tangible to them," Melissa Weimer said. "The stand was purely donation-based, and we had signs that made it clear that every cent raised would go to Danica and her family." Weimer said the stand brought in far more than expected. "I thought I was setting my sights high by hoping they might bring in $50. They made that by the first morning. One woman who came to the garage sale bought a brownie for $5, and then handed it to the girls for them to share. A few people dropped in money and wouldn't take lemonade or cookies. "People talked to us about their kids and grandkids. We got to share Danica's story," Weimer said. "It was truly a heartwarming time, and it was a blessing to all of us." When the sale was finished, the stand had gathered $256.70 in donations, "Weimer said, "All from a lemonade and cookie stand run by three little girls! And the thing is, it's not that they sold a large quantity of anything. People just opened their hearts to help a little girl. And we know that even though this stand is over, the journey for Danica and her family is just beginning."

There is no small act of love. This verse has been on my mind and heart as I have thought of these sweet girls standing in the heat for three days in a row learning how to give. “Be imitators of God, as dearly loved children. And walk in love, as the Messiah also loved us and gave Himself for us, a sacrificial and fragrant offering to God.” (Ephesians 5:1-2) To see Danica stand beside her little friends as they served her reminded me of how God intended us to love one another. This leading up to Danica's benefit Monday (blog post to come) encouraged our hearts in a way I cannot put into words. We have never before witnessed such an outpouring of support and feeling of community and family as we did Monday night at Chic-fil-a. God is so good to wrap His arms around us through YOU.

Danica is scheduled for a full day of flexion extension x-rays, MRI under sedation and ortho surgeon visit in Cleveland either Monday or Thursday of next week. We won't know until the last minute because she needs a special anesthesiologist. Delaney has plans to go to my sister's home in West Virginia for a fun week with their family. They had a death in her husband's family so the plans for Dan and I to get away for a night and take Delaney to meet them is up in the air too. A month ago I would have been in a panic. Tonight I can say without reservation I am resting in my God's perfect timing and plan. He will reveal this moment by moment and the grace will come, the provision will come, the direction will come. It always has, and it always will. He is faithful.


  1. Wow. I am so touched by the efforts of those little girls to help Danica. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nothing is hopeless; we must hope for everything. (Madeleine L'Engle)

    Weeping through this. Thankful for love, grace and rest. I love you.

  3. My name is Melinda. I have a daughter, brooke, with Chiari. She is having surgery on August 10. Would love to learn more about your journey. we belong to Chiarians unite. We just started a blog for Brooke.

  4. i posted earlier, my name is Melinda. My daughter also has Chiari. I just read your blog. It is beautiful. Have you ever looked into the Chiari Institute in New York. They are amazing and have really helped us. Brooke also has a wobbly head. Dr. Bolognese is doing a new procedure so hopefully he will not have to fuse her head. would be glad to share more. My email is My prayers are with you. This is not an easy journey and yet God chose us! I feel blessed!