Thursday, July 1, 2010

Technology, MIA and fundraising

Last Tuesday night I posted on the old/new Team Danica site a rather long post titled, "Do the thing you think you cannot do." It was about our Cincinnati trip, next steps and the decision to move forward with both surgeries. A few of you who were up late when I posted were able to read this. Most of you found our site dead in the morning and could not access it. For the past week I have been working with the company who had created the site and was hosting it to try to recover my posts, your amazing comments and get things back up and running. After much heartache and particular sadness about losing thoughts and words I have completely taken back over the site and moved back to blogger. We are keeping the name, "Team Danica", and the URL. You can bookmark this site under that name and if you get my emails or are a facebook friend you can get my updates that way too.

Know that if you commented and your comments are missing from what I tried to repiece back together here after the crash I have them in my inbox where they are all emailed, and I treasure them. Know that if you donated on the old/new site through the donation company and not paypal, your donations are recorded and the money will safely make it's way into Team Danica's account. Our intention when we began this original blog was to have a place to tell about Danica's journey and to quietly receive the love and support from so many who are praying and wanting to help our family. I missed Danica's life verse being front and center, the music which speaks my heart and other little things about being here on blogger. I feel like I'm back in a cozy spot. Thank you for your patience while resolving all this and all the concern shown during our "down" time. I do plan to try to repost something to communicate the information lost about moving forward with Danica's surgery. I just need to find a quiet hour.

When my sister, Heather, began making Cookies for a Cause she asked me to add the paypal button to my site for donations. I really hesitated. So many of you have sacrificed to help our family over the last three months. God has needed to humble my heart many times through this process to continue to be able to even wrap my head around the love and care you have shown us. The purpose of this site was never to raise lots of funds.

When you are in a long time of crisis with your child you learn that money has little or no value in life except that it can provide perhaps better access to better care for them. One of our great prayers and needs as we move closer to her surgery date is the wisdom to know how I will continue to work and be there for Danica's recovery. My own physical and mental health is failing greatly. I am still continuing to work full time from home, handle all the appointments, be up with Danica almost every night and be a wife to Dan and mommy to Delaney. Although Danica's diagnosis will continue with the need for life long scans and some treatment we hope and pray by the end of 2010 we will see some light and relief for our family as far as the daily stress and pain.

Your donations help ease some of the financial burdens during this critical time. We are continuing the "Team Danica" fund in faith and in gratitude. This fund will be able to offer various forms of financial relief for our family over the next long 6 months or more of surgery and recovery. These donations help ease the burden of the medical bills, traveling to hospitals and prayerfully allowing me the possibility to take an extended period of time off work to care and provide for Danica during the grueling recovery from her upcoming brain surgery and spinal fusion.

Danica sings one of her favorite Sunday School songs every night before bed, "My God is so BIG, so STRONG and so MIGHTY, there's NOTHING my God cannot do!!! We are trusting in our God who has proven Himself faithful to provide every step of this journey. We are humbled and changed by your continued love and support. Please pray for us. Danica has a high fever today. It's probably a flu bug, but she is really very sick.

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  1. So glad the site is up and running again! In my prayers tonight as always, especially for your health! All my love to all of you!