Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Be small enough to hear me now

There are times when I approach You, the God of the Universe to pray, and I think, "Who am I to even come close much less ask for more Grace from You?" 

After all, there is conflict in Iraq and Israel.  There is unspeakable pain around the globe as the poor and hungry fight one more day to eat, find water and simply stay alive, and for what . . . another day to struggle again and barely eek out existence?  There are orphans without hope of ever finding a home.  There are women and children, girls and boys, being abused and sold into sexual slavery.  There is hate and unrest in Ferguson.  There are friends and neighbors suffering from a sadness so deep they want to die.  Your heart is grieved as every corner of this world seems to be falling further from the Kingdom living You called us to.   

This morning I sent my dear Delaney and Danica off to a Christian school to begin first and seventh grade.  Once again you provided the finances for this blessing.  God, in all the years of me being gone for surgeries and treatments or lying in bed unable to perform even the basic mother duties, You have made the way for my girls to go every day to a safe place to learn a Biblical worldview, form healthy friendships, be hugged by teachers and parent's of other students, prayed with, prayed over . . . loved and nourished.  Why us?

Father, I believe you would leave the ninety nine and come after the one, and save me.  I believe You can run the entire world and still be near me as I head to the hospital to have this jugular catheter placed and begin treatment.  God, I know you are doing big things but please, this morning, be small enough to hear my heart, calm my fears, overwhelm me with peace and provide all my needs. 

By Your strength, For Your Glory, be small enough to hear me now.

(Click the link above.  This song sung by Nichole Nordeman has been dear to me for so many years.  It's my prayer this morning.)

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  1. Love you...praying for you! Our Great God is small enough to hear your cries today! ♥