Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Kind and Brave. My Aunt Cara.

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This nomination is near and dear to me because my cousin, Amy, wrote it about my Aunt Cara. The longer God gives me here on this earth the more I believe our bravery and our love are what remain when everything else falls away. My Aunt Cara leaves this kind of legacy in the hearts and lives of the literally hundreds of people she touches. One of the most courageous things a mom can do is get down on her knees and pray hard when your child has walked away. My cousin Amy has shared here what her mom has given her that resembles the heart of God for all of us. We can always go home. He is always waiting to run to us, forgive us and celebrate us. Amazing love.

I nominate my mother Cara. She has been through so much in her life and yet has remained so faithful to God. Everyday until I moved out we saw her on her knees talking to God but even then I could feel her prayers. She has been a nurse for almost 40 years, and many of those she spent as a hospice nurse. She used this opportunity to witness to many patients and their families. She went above and beyond her job duties to show compassion and Christ's love. She has families to this day who remember her and still thank her. She and my father kept foster children for 12 years. We still keep in touch with some of them. She sacrificed her time, money, privacy, and sanity to help children in need. She made sure we were fed, clothed, and raised in a Godly home. My mother has been through breast cancer, losing her father, rebellious children, taking care of her mother who has Alzheimer's, and a muscle disease. Through it all she still praises God and prays daily for us. She is planning yet another mission trip to a 3rdworld country to take medicine and the Gospel to those in need. The most amazing thing about my mother is that even after all the trouble I have been in, all the sleepless nights I caused her, all the tears, she STILL every day prays for me. She STILL loves me. She is ALWAYS my momma. She has taught me by her example to be brave and kind to my children and to others. I wish all kids could have a mom like mine.

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