Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Run for Monica

A note from my friend, Kristin, and her friend, Mellany.

Some of you know my dear friend and previous coworker, Monica Snyder. She and her daughter, Danica, both have a Chiari malformation in their brains. What this means in simple terms is they have a gap where most people's skulls are closed so some of their brain sticks out into their spinal columns. Danica had her second surgery to fix this in October 2010 and Monica had the same surgery in November 2011. They both needed fusion of the skull base to their vertebrae as well to make them stable and protect their brainstems and spinal cords.  Monica needs a further surgery, called a tethered cord surgery, which she will be having on March 28th. Most likely, Danica will be having the same surgery this summer.  They both also suffer from a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Obviously, this family has had crushing medical bills between all of the surgeries, recoveries, travel to specialists and inability to work. We are doing a fundraiser to raise money for Monica’s surgery and continuing medical bills. Starting February 1, and over the next 7 weeks, we are going to log our running miles as we train to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Washington, DC on 3/17/12. We are looking for people to sponsor us for the mileage we run. Each of us is averaging 15-20 miles a week. You can either sponsor one or both of us; per mile or make a onetime donation. Donations can be make via the DONATE button on this blog or you can write a check to Monica Snyder. All checks will need to be submitted by 3/21/12 so that we can get the money to her before her next surgery scheduled for 3/28/12 in Lanham, Maryland.  100% of all donations will go straight to Monica’s medical payments.  Thank you for your love and support and especially your prayers for this family.  God bless. 

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