Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silly pictures

I thought I'd share the funny succession of pictures I wrote about the other day.  I am missing my girls like crazy tonight and just looking at their sweet faces makes me happy. 

Here's the first picture.  I'm hopeful at this point.  Delaney has her beautiful new dress from my sissy on.  Danica is wearing a dress much too big for her and her bangs are in her face.  Easy fix, right?
Somehow while Danica was being changed into her gorgeous coordinating dress and getting her hair done Delaney scouted a new strange outfit including a red polo shirt packed away in a summer clothes Rubbermaid.  Look how beautiful she is no matter what she is wearing.  I'm still wondering where in the world that silver scarf came from though. 
And then there is this girl . . . my baby bird who has grown such strong wings the past few weeks.  Look at that neck!  Remember where she was a year ago?  Can you picture her strapped into that storm trooper brace in her wheel chair?

Our hope has never disappointed us once.  So much prayer.  So much faith in our God no matter what the outcome.  Taste and see the Lord is good!


  1. Delaney's outfit change story cracked me up although I'm sure as a Mama, it's unnerving when you already have the perfect dress ready for her. This will be the only year she gets away with I guess you just have to laugh! Mama will be back in action next Christmas so watch out, Delaney! :) Gotta give her props for using the mystery scarf...she is stylish even if she's wearing a summer shirt! :)

  2. Beautiful!!!! They are lovely girls and a complete reflection of their parents!