Monday, July 23, 2012

Danica Jean . . . out and "About"

Today I am needing hourly reminders of the reason our Hope remains.  I don't have to look much further than August's issue of About magazine lying here on my desk with Danica Jean on the cover.  For awhile I had it covered with printed appointment documents for seven appointments in Cincinnati next week, six of which are for me.  In the mix of paper is the title to a vehicle gifted to us by far away friends, a paypal donation from a girl who knew my sister, who I've never met face to face but who has loved us like we are her own family and another from a friend who just shared an entire day of his family vacation to come and sit and visit and pray.  In this quiet moment in my "nest" chair the evening sun falls across my face and my gnarled fingers as I type these words.  Dan has taken the girls on a nature walk.  My heart and lungs and broken body won't allow me to join.  I feel lament and then a whoosh of gratitude in the same breath.  I am finally learning it's okay to carry both.  I ache, but it's good.  It means I'm alive and there is still great love . . . and miracles all About.  (Click on the images below to see the close ups of our amazing kid!)

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