Monday, April 30, 2012

Courage, libraries . . . and a few more treasures added to the giveaway

I'm a little disappointed in so few entries for the kind and brave giveaway so far.  I hope that means you are working on your nominations!  The above quote is one of my favorites about being brave.  I'm having one of those days with barely a still quiet voice remaining at 7:30 pm. 

A little thing you may not know about me is I grew up with quite possibly the world's most amazing public library in my little town.  I could write an entire book about the details of that place.  The day I turned sixteen I began working there as a page and then ended up at the circulation desk.  I worked there for years into college, and I began graduate classes to be a school librarian.  Now it's all computers and checking out ebooks and media, but I love the old card catalogs, the rubber stamp with the due date on the card in the little pocket in the back and the librarian who knew you by name and saved a stack of titles behind the desk just for you because she knew you would be there the same time every week to get them.  This is the background behind why I"m including these sweet earrings from etsy with Dewey decimal numbers from the poetry section on them.  I ADORE these earrings. 

I'm also giving away the beautiful scarf you see underneath the earrings.  Scarves are a signature part of my personal style.  I had my eye on a hand crocheted one like this on Anthropologie forever.  Of course they wanted over a hundred dollars for it.  I found this one at Old Navy.  I haven't taken the tags off.  I have saved it and realized I really don't need another scarf or go anywhere I'm not wearing stretchy pants anymore and wanted to give it instead to YOU. 

Head over to yesterday's post, Sneak Peek . . . Kind and Brave Giveaway, to see all the other fun things included in the care package and the instructions on how to enter.  I received the most touching entry today written by a daughter nominating her mother for her bravery and kindness.  I can't wait to read yours.

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