Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love in a bullseye

Sweet Danica has been such a trooper about being on "house arrest" these past two months. One of her greatest longings besides dreaming about taking a bath and going to Disney World has been to go to Target. Because Danica has been suffering since she was 18 months old our family has never really run around that much. The one outing each week that Danica looked forward to and expected was a trip to Target. She was allowed to pick out one thing from the dollar bin and would hold on to it in the cart while I did my shopping. Of all the things she hopes to do again once she can remove the brace and get out of her wheelchair going shopping at Target is definitely at the top of her list.

During this journey we have been blessed to meet another local family who's four year old daughter, Brooke, has Chiari too. She had her first decompression surgery this year. It has been a wonderful connection for the girls to meet someone else their own age with the same pain, the same scars and the same "C" word attached to their lives. Today sweet Brooke, her mom, Melinda, and her two brother's planned a very special surprise for Danica. They came to our house dressed in red and khaki and created a mini Target experience for her. They gave her a pretend credit card, and she went shopping. Aidan pretended he was the pharmacist, and Danica picked up a big pack of M&Ms as her prescription. Brooke set up carefully chosen dollar bin treats including a new puzzle and silly putty. (Danica is obsessed with puzzles and can do 100+ piece ones now.) Brooke then checked her out and bagged her goodies. Aidan switched hats and worked the snack counter. They brought Danica a hot dog, apple dippers and a slushie. Yum!

So many people tell me we should try to publish our story someday. I know from the outside looking in it is remarkable all we have been through. The thread that runs through it all is the love we have received. I believe this is the real story. The gift today from the Crown family was amazing. Danica was thrilled. It made her so happy to be reminded of something she misses so much. I loved watching her face light up as she proudly showed Brooke her room, and they played a game together. After they left Danica put together her new puzzle and kept chatting about Brooke's visit.

Tonight I'm praying for both these little girls. I'm praying for their complete healing and for God to take their courage and all they have been through and multiply the love they've experienced a million times into this world. Won't you pray for them too?

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  1. this is such an incredible story!! you guys are constantly on our prayer list!
    God Bless!!